MLaaS - Machine Learning as a Service

MLaaS is the only machine learning as a service platform that brings together all the tools needed to deploy and embed the power of machine learning into a business process from end to end.
MLaaS unifies a vast toolkit of deep learning and probabilistic reasoning algorithms, and is the first machine learning platform that integrates with physical sensors, enterprise and industrial automation systems for the purposes of deploying Machine Learning directly into a business process.
MLaaS enables a powerful AI strategy for any organization looking to embed AI into their products, services and operations.
Machine Learning doesn’t need to be complex. With MLaaS Machine Learning is accessible to everyone for practical use in real world applications.

Powered by MLaaS

Machine learning will change the way every organization operates. Those who do not or are unable to capture that opportunity will be at a disadvantage. We are helping many organizations directly with our MLaaS technology, and now we are excited to bring the MLaaS technology to more enterprises through our “Powered By MLaaS” partnership offering.

Powered By MLaaS supports both hardware and software product applications and allows Deep Learning, Structured Learning, Probabilistic Reasoning and much more to be embedded within new or existing product workflow. With Powered By MLaaS, our partners are able to bring AI capabilities into their own products and services for their customers.

Ai-ify your product today with Powered By MLaaS


The most advanced asset quality assurance software solution for manufacturing, infrastructure and construction. A Powered by MLaaS product.

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A Powered By MLaaS best-in-class photonics sensor for industrial surface inspection

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The most advanced bio data analysis system for health care, genetic analysis, agriculture and more. A Powered By MLaaS product.

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Industries we Serve

Health Care

Everything from medical imaging automation to genetic data analysis, disease detection and causality identification. MLaaS is a powerful toolkit in the arsenal for medical and health care organizations.
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See how our customers are using MLaaS to optimize workflows in insurance claims processing, fraud detection and more.
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Fraud detection, assessment of credit applications, automated trading. MLaaS can power unique and targeted challenges facing the financial industry.
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MLaaS powers Industry 4.0 and Industrial IOT applications. Sensor and Industrial Control systems integration makes MLaaS a platform of choice for manufacturers looking to establish their AI strategy.
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Infrastructure & Construction

Sensor data from construction sites, buildings, energy and water management facilities all processed through MLaaS. MLaaS is uncovering efficiencies in infrastructure assets.
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Bringing big data, sensors, GIS systems and AI together on a geo-scale. MLaaS can transform agriculture operations and realize yields and productivity right at farmers fields.
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Why Sightline?

Sightline is the only company in the AI space with a platform designed to make it easy to embed ML into any enterprise and industrial processes. We care about solving business problems with AI and we have the platform and people to do it. Our focus and our strength is to remove the barrier to entry for any enterprise to benefit from machine learning.

Make Sightline part of your AI strategy.