Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft

“A breakthrough in machine learning would be worth ten Microsofts”

Tony Tether, former director, DARPA

“Machine learning is the next Internet”

John Hennessy, President, Stanford

“Machine learning is the hot new thing”

Greg Papadopoulos, former CTO, Sun

“Machine learning is going to result in a real revolution”

Jerry Yang, former CEO, Yahoo

“Machine learning is today’s discontinuity”

Vinod Khosla, Venture Capitalist, Co-Founder Sun Microsystems

"In the next 20 years, machine learning will have more impact than mobile has"



Machines see data. We give them understanding.

Machines see data. We give them understanding.

Our Sightline Cortex leverages advanced learning algorithms to extract hidden patterns from vast amounts of data. With this power, our Cortex brings new capabilities into play; an awareness of data powered by deep learning. This is not routine big data analytics. This is perception. This is comprehension. This is deep awareness.

Bringing this exclusive technology to you – wherever it’s needed most.

Bringing this exclusive technology to you – wherever it’s needed most.

Sightline Innovation is a pioneer in industrial applications. We are weaving multiple technologies together to create something uniquely new: a flexible deep learning platform that can be wielded in any industry. And now we’re bringing the dream of machine learning to your industry. Our cloud platform means that the power of perception is wherever your market is. Sightline Cortex transforms your data into knowledge. The power of machine learning is now yours.

Real solutions for real problems

Real solutions for real problems

Our world is one of rapidly changing realities - porous borders, mutating pathogens, constantly evolving manufacturing processes. No matter what your industry specializes in, Sightline Cortex perceives the hidden patterns, enabling you to stay competitive and ahead of the next wave. Sure, we could make you a movie recommendation, or tell you what you’re likely to eat next. But we’d rather help you solve real issues in the real world.


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Industry innovations


Automotive manufacturers work a kind of magic, transforming over 30,000 parts into a thing of beauty, all while satisfying the very highest standards of safety and precision. Replace manual inspections with an alpha to omega automatic inspection system that takes advantage of sensors on every point of production. With Sightline Verify, perfection is now the minimum standard. Reduce defects on the line, while increasing your profitability and customer satisfaction

Medical Diagnostics

With the Sightline Cortex as its foundation, Sightline VuPoint accurately determines the most relevant information, facilitating immediate action and response precisely where the impact is greatest for patients and hospitals alike. With the unique capability to collect and analyse data from every type of source – be it diagnostic instruments, medical reports, environmental factors, etc. – VuPoint is designed to instantly and accurately distill the most significant data, perceiving patterns normally outside of the ability of human perception. Push the boundaries of discovery, containment, and treatment with Sightline VuPoint.

Border Security 

The Sightline Cortex can extract the most pertinent and relevant information from any amount of data, from the widest variety of sources. Whether tracking, containing, or responding to health crises or bioterror threats, Sightline is there to accurately analyse the data from the macro to the nano level, revealing perceptions and offering insights that otherwise escape human perception. Response to any security challenge can now be made with the most relevant and accurate data possible.


When manufacturing healthcare products, there is no room for error. Anything less is not only costly, but can have devastating results. With the unparalleled ability to gather data from a multiplicity of sensor types, Sightline Verify, as powered by the Cortex, ensures that from raw material to customer purchase, your production is being monitored and analyzed every step of the way. Sightline Verify revolutionizes your production process, while increasing product accuracy and your peace of mind.