AI App

Our Core Engine for AI Learning, Prediction and Visualization

SIMON component AI App is the AI platform for Enterprise IT, providing a power web-based user interface to AI for your existing IT staff and systems. AI App is the ‘plumbing’ and network infrastructure to allow ML engineers to stay focused on data science and machine learning without the need for expensive consultants and researchers.




Easy to use web interface for IT staff

AI App is the AI system for Enterprise IT, giving you access to run AI learning and prediction jobs from a web user-interface that all IT administrators will feel comfortable in.


Run on your existing cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid infrastructure

AI App can be deployed on any infrastructure - in the cloud with new or your existing licence, on premise to maximize control or lower costs, or a hybrid solution to meet your security and deployment needs.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with existing enterprise applications

AI App seamlessly connects with existing / legacy enterprise computer systems, enabling these systems to be a part of the solution and contribute to real time intelligence, integrated perception and autonomous action.

Data Science

Powerful AI learning and prediction platform

AI App contains the latest in machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and probabilistic graph model technology (open source and proprietary), in a single unified software container. This allows different algorithms to be combined for comprehensive prediction that can computationally scale the institutional knowledge contained in your organization's data.


Actionable insights and graph modelling

AI App houses a powerful graphing engine, making the reading and understanding of AI results accessible to a wide range of users of the platform - computer engineers, researchers and decision-makers. Our AI prediction graphing capabilities include: 2D, 3D defect detection; visual identification/inspection; contamination detection; geometry pattern variance; quality prediction; and risk level assessments.


Subject matter expertise integration

AI App integrates subject matter expertise with developers and data scientists, as part of SIMON's ground truthing architecture. Deriving value from data means building on the expertise that exists, and giving these experts new tools.

No lock-in

Export in standard AI model formats

AI App removes the complexity of building AI models, automatically bridging the gap between AI researchers, your data, and enterprise infrastructure. Running AI App through the user interface by internal teams with an efficient six step process.



No PhD’s required

AI App removes the complexity of building AI models, automatically bridging the gap between AI researchers, your data, and enterprise infrastructure.

Extract actionable insights from your existing data

AI App starts with your data, leveraging value from your existing assets, and connecting to new data sources. It helps you to build a cost-effective data collection tailored to your ultimate use case.

Use intelligence to drive new processes, products and revenue

AI App will generate knowledge and intelligence to improve existing and / or develop new processes, products and opportunities for revenue, connecting previous siloed activity. Notably, it will help you to develop "live" decision trees and manage assets in real time.

Scale institutional knowledge

AI App makes it easy to share knowledge across organizations, regions and countries, to retain knowledge, and accelerate intelligence growth.


Leverage your human workforce

Designed with the employee in mind, AI App allows you to leverage the skills and sector know-how of your existing workforce, enhance HR agility, guide best practice and improve productivity


Assemble new data value

AI App provides easy access to the vast and growing suite of open source and proprietary AI algorithms, as well as your existing trained algorithms