AI Domain

Cross-Enterprise Security and Information Sharing

SIMON component AI Domain was designed from the ground up to automate data security and give organizations complete control and ownership over their data. AI Domain also offers a means for organizations to own, trade and profit from their data.




AI as Shared Resource, Root Node Connectivity

AI Domain establishes AI as a shared resource within your AI ecosystem. Computational models are trained at lead nodes and shared with root data nodes, reducing the need for costly data warehousing and data lakes. Access to the intelligence generated is undertaken through smart contracting and rights based processes and procedures.


Mission-Critical Privacy and Enterprise Security

AI Domain leverages AI, with traditional security infrastructure to automate security. It provides your organization with the peace of mind to take advantage of new external infrastructure (e.g. cloud, IoT, software service models) without compromising security. Automation provides you with alerts and the ability for you to respond to threats and breaches with speed.


Collaboration Across Business Units

AI Domain breaks down institutional silos, providing connectivity between data, compute, human and financial resources to drive business process transformation and ultimately productivity. Our technology lowers the costs of information sharing, analysis and report development. It even automatically updates the corporate e-mail address book, classifying interest in your company by your own stakeholder map. Ultimately it frees up resources for improved productivity


Across Partners and Customers

AI Domain seamlessly connects infrastructure, intelligence and data across a diverse range of partners and customers, providing easy on-boarding of new entrants and flexibility in collaborative arrangements as networks grow. Our technology automatically detects duplication and outliers and can integrate with multiple systems in multiple ways.



Share Intelligence, Leave Data in Place

Unique to the market, AI Domain provides the ability to able to "leave data in place", through proprietary root node data storage technology. There is no need for expensive data warehousing costs. You can avoid the "data hoarders", whose primary engagement with your organization is the creation of derivative data and training of new software outside of your control. Opaque contractual arrangements, popping up in the market, put you and the value of your data at risk.

Leave Data in Current Format

AI Domain leaves data in its original format, with automatic transformation to support the creation of new file types if required. Modifiers enable seamless ability to toggle between data formats.

Integrate with Cross-Enterprise Systems and Workforces

AI Domain provides the ability to integrate silos of information and data across organizational systems (CRM, ERP, PPM, HRM, Payroll), in order to optimize internal practices, workforce management and improve interactions with customers, suppliers and stakeholders. Our data exchange technology is highly inoperable and can be configured to meet your needs.