AI Edge

Seamless connectivity to any physical device

SIMON component AI Edge provides seamless connectivity to physical devices and their respective data sets for simple and consistent consumption within your AI ecosystem.

Edge computing is going to be one of the fastest involving aspects of modern day technology, combining with issues around data sovereignty and new advanced sensor possibilities, could in fact itself challenge the underlying premise that all competing should be done ‘in the cloud’. Our products are for artificial intelligence learning a production capacity to be deployed to edge networks and sensors. We’ve worked with virtually every type of data, and pretty much every type of sensor, and use on the planet in the air or in space.



Data stays in place

AI at the edge

AI Edge gathers and analyzes data at the edge (where the data is produced). No need for expensive data warehousing or cloud architecture. Data stays in place, and never leaves the privacy, security or regulatory confines of your environment. AI Edge can operate as an independent computational unit for real time intelligence, or connected to a large AI computational ecosystem. Ideal solution for healthcare, rural and remote locations, transportation and defence.

Connect to all data

Connect to any data source, data type, automate data flow

AI Edge can connect to any data source, including blockchain (Ethereum, Bitcoin), IOT (Apache Kafka, Apache Storm), Geoprocessing (GeoMesa, SNAP), Graph (GraphX Neo4J), and infrastructure (Hadoop, Firefox, JupyterHub).

Connect to all sensors

Connect to Any Sensor System - Space, Air, Ground, Water, Soil, etc.

AI Edge can connect to any sensor system, including satellite and on ground physical devices such as temperature, proximity, pressure, water quality, chemical, gas, smoke, Infrared, level, image, motion, gyro, humidity, and optimal sensors.

Integrate in real-time

Real-time integration

AI Edge supports sensors, mobile technology, legacy computer architecture, and other data streams to connect in real time.



Automate data flow for AI learning

AI Edge automates the data verification and validation process, supporting embedded development and parallel task expression. AI Edge supports a range of data-flow processes including synchronous, dynamic, homogeneous and multi-rate data-flows.

Integrate existing data sources

AI Edge can integrate existing "siloed" data sources and business intelligence assets to train predictive models and plot an efficient and effective pathway forward for data collection.

Integrate new data sources

AI Edge seamlessly integrates new controlled, live and randomly generated data from a variety of sources, including databases, flat files, web services, and RSS feeds.

Integrate satellite and ground data

AI Edge seamlessly integrates space-borne and ground-based (in situ) data, producing predictive risk maps with high spatial and temporal resolution. Linked to climate, meteorological, land-cover, migration patterns (animal, human) we get to a solution that meets your needs faster and provide a cost effective for monitoring real time change.