AI App Servers

These four Application Servers are the building blocks for all of your AI Enterprise needs.

Visual Classification

The Visual Classifciation AI App Server is the only known system that can do complex 3D image classification. Using the Distribtued AI functionality, specific classification and analysis can be sent to different nodes in a managed network, and be integrated with AIES's own advanced capabilities. This image is of an under the surface paint defect detected in real-time using a hardware sensor running AI Edge Server. It is the only known tomographic/3D detection system using Deep Learning for real-time defect detection.

Enterprise Entitiy

The Enterprise Entity AI App Server uses a proprietary IP as an automatic bridge between the existing enterprise software world and AI. It includes a Business Intelligence frontend that can be installed on KPI dashboards over the Internet and Intranets at no additional cost to the customer.

Sensor Fusion

The Sensor Fusion AI App Server links sensor data of all types into a spatial model that can be used for detecting complex patterns. It comes with a submersive 3D mobile application that be accessed on any tablet or smartphone.

Graph Learning

The Graph Learning AI App Server can determine casuality on complex and high-dimensional data. This screen is showing DNA regions that have been shown to be casual of HIV resistivity, as discovered in a large analysis run over the course of 2017 which is expected to lead to breakthroughs in HIV treatments. This type of analysis is not possible with neural networks and showcases why a complete AI toolbox is needed for many complex applications.