What is the goal of the Data Trust Canvas?

The Data trust canvas was created as a tool for understanding the components and requirements required for multiple organization or people to come together and form a data trust.


Who is a Data Trust for?

We have specialized in customized AI software solutions that address real world problems since our inception. The culmination of this work has led us to be uniquely positioned to address the market need for Data Sovereignty.

A Data Trust is for any organization or enterprise that would like to share their data without sacrificing their ability to retain data ownership or benefit from related monetary gains.




Retain 100% ownership & control

SID lets you own, control, trade and drive value from your data. It enables your customers and stakeholders to assert their legal rights.

Eliminate privacy conflicts

SID eliminates the conflict between privacy and sharing through the use of algorithms and policy constructs so that data is fully opaque and computable at the same time.

Generate new forms of revenue

SID ensures you are a trusted organization which helps you to engage more with your customers, double revenues, and create new personalized markets.


Keep your data ‘in place’

SID promotes a secure consortium for AI learning and prediction by supporting the sharing of intelligence and data without revealing any personal information. The creation and use of synthetic data-sets supports cases where data must remain “in place.”

Break down those data silos

Ideal for governments and researchers, SID enables networks to broadly share access to data for research and to solve complex problems that require data silos to be broken down - all within a set standard of policy guidelines - that you establish.

Establish a trading platform

SID provides a trading platform to receive remuneration for your data including block-chain, crypto-currency and more.



Data Trust applications

  • Data collection for Healthcare / Pharma / Therapeutic development

  • Authenticity of data collected in food supply chains

  • Privacy assured public data collection for transit or insurance fraud

  • Consortia building shared data assets for licensing to data consumers

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