What is a data trust?

To understand the importance of DIFANO v1. First you need to understand “what is a data trust?” The governance policies within the trust define the rules by which the data, the derivative data assets are used. For members of the trust, whether it be individuals or organizations, they need to have faith in the declaration of the rules by which the data is governed. This declaration of rules is where DIFANO comes in. DIFANO as a standard defines how data will be made to be interoperable, how data will be shared , what the rights are of entities in the trust and much more.



The DIFANO v1.0 Open Standard explained.


A few things that the DIFANO v1.0 standard currently includes:

  • Interoperability of data assets and derivative data assets

  • Agreement and policies negotiation between parties of the data trust

  • Operationalization and automation of data agreements

  • A schema to define and subsequently codify the data producer and data consumer agreement constructs, and a mechanism by which to do the resolution between them.



Examples of DIFANO v1.0


Examples of the types of declarations of agreements that DIFANO v1.0 supports:

  1. Declare the People and Entities associated with the contract.

  2. Declare Producer agreements:

    • Source of data

    • Producer of data

    • Authority record of the person or entity

    • Rights of the data

    • Declaration of authority

  3. Declare consumer agreements:

    • Requesting to use data under these conditions and rights. For example: GDPR compliance

  4. Resolution of agreements between Producer and Consumer at time of transaction:

    • Based on all the conditions of the agreements these are the outcomes and what is allowed

    • If there is a dispute or conflict is cannot be resolved, the standard for escalation is go to a trustee or another 3rd party

Without proper standards in place, trusted data usage cannot occur.



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