AIES Industry Applications


  • Supply chain yield performance optimization with causality analysis
  • Crop Yield, Quality Analysis
  • Crop and Livestock genetics analysis
  • Sensor and GIS data integration for precision & automated farming
  • Autonomous systems integration


  • Remote & Predictive maintenance
  • VR/AR tools
  • GIS data integration and classification
  • Causality analysis and classification with integration of multi-dimensional data sources i.e. weather, field data, sensor data etc.
  • Autonomous systems integration


    Automated Trading
    • Market-wide Realtime Monitoring
    • AI-powered Strategy Selection and Execution
    • Performance-learned Order Routing
    Portfolio Management
    • Security Analysis
    • NLP of earning reports for trends, multidimensional risk factor analysis
    • Bias or sentiment analysis of macro and micro economic factors
    Customer Engagement
    • Identify Upsell and Cross-sell Opportunities
    • Customer Support Analysis
    • Customer Sentiment


    Disease & Condition Causality Analysis
    • Genetic (SNP, RNA) data analysis
    • AIES can be used for Cancer, HIV, PTSD data analysis etc.
    Diagnostics Automation or Augmentation
    • Pathology/Histopathology slide analysis automation i.e. cancer etc.
    • Radiology image analysis
    • Treatment pathway analysis
    Personalized Medicine
    • Medical (IOT) sensor integration - data feeds for advanced causality analysis, correlation, classification of conditions etc.


    Portfolio Risk Analysis
    • Deep Inspection of Insurance Portfolios
    • Imagery and Medical Record Analysis for Health Insurance
    • Imagery and Fraud Analysis for Property Insurance
    Additional Applications:
    • Cost modelling
    • Claims Automation and Management
    • Fraud Detection
    • Policy Analysis
    • Product Recommendation
    • IOT and IIOT sensor integration for personal, auto insurance
    Relevant Insurance Sectors Include:
    • Health Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Automotive Insurance
    • Property Insurance
    • Agricultural Insurance
    • Reinsurance


    Manufacturing Process Monitoring
    • Visual Inspection of manufactured WIP
    • QC of packaging and labelling
    • AI integrated manufacturing
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Control Systems, Robotic Systems sensor and software systems integration
    • Multi-sensor data stream processing for root cause analysis
    Supply Chain
    • Logistics analysis and optimization
    • Supplier performance management (with blockchain smart contracts)
    • Business process automation

Retail & Media

    • Customer sentiment analysis
    • Customer profile creation
    • Hyper - targeted marketing & product/service recommendations
    • Customer behaviour prediction


  • Data Sovereignty and a National Data Strategy
  • Opioid Research
  • PTSD Research