Sightline Launches Smart-Contract Data-Exchange SID

SID offers a new way to track and control data using AI tools.

TORONTO, Nov. 21, 2018 /CNW/ - Sightline Innovation Inc. is pleased to announce the global launch of its newest product: SID (Sightline Innovation Datatrust). SID is a smart-contract data-exchange to secure and monetize data. Distributed ledger technology in SID enables new forms of digital rights management and licensing, using integrated digital currency remuneration. Data producers are able to create their own data sharing domains via a Web-based User Interface or Developer APIs. The SID platform routes specific AI operations around the data sharing domain so that no data needs to be moved from its current location. SID provides an alternative to centralized data lakes and allows data partners to share data without eroding data sovereignty. 

"SID deploys the concepts of a financial trust to the emerging asset class of data and AI. It offers a new way for producers of data to control and track data use consumed by artificial intelligence tools, as well as monetize data production for greater organizational value," said Wallace Trenholm, Co-Founder and CEO of Sightline. "At Sightline we see the demand for fiduciary controls over data increasing, as AI adoption continues to ramp up. As people begin to better understand that data has value, they will not want to give it away. SID puts the producers of data in control of the ownership, security, privacy, and value of data."

SID is the natural progression of Sightline's AI enterprise server SIMON (formerly called AIES - AI Enterprise Server). SIMON houses best-in-class AI computational and analytical tools currently deployed across numerous sectors, including manufacturing, defence, health, and agriculture. SIMON seamlessly integrates with legacy systems and is designed for IT teams to have an easy interface with AI operations, including the management of on-premise or cloud-based GPU farms needed for advanced analytics at scale.

"Together, SID and SIMON form the most complete platform for customers to extract value from their data to improve organizational productivity and competitiveness, and to leverage additional value with customers and partners," said Maithili Mavinkurve, Co-Founder and COO. "SID and SIMON make integrating AI in our customers businesses easy. SID takes away the risks of others copying or using your data for other purposes, without delivering value for your efforts."

SID enables secure edge applications by allowing the chain-of-custody to be controlled and verified at each step. The combination of AI learning and prediction, secure data-exchange, and support for a vast number of sensing modes makes SID valuable for complex missions such as those in the Public Health domain, where data privacy is a prime concern.

"SID and SIMON is what I have waited 40 years for", said Dr. Frank Plummer former head of Canada's National Microbiology Lab, leader of the development of Canada's Ebola vaccine VSV-Ebov, and Chief Science Officer at Sightline. "The possibilities for advancing medical science is exciting. SID provides the functionality for digesting and analyzing vast amounts of features in disease world, widespread collaboration across groups, and remuneration for universities, academics and scientists, all the while leaving data in place to protect the security and privacy of patients."

About Sightline Innovation
Sightline Innovation is a leading Canadian AI and Datatrust company, providing tools for customers to generate and control value from data. Sightline Innovation was founded in 2011 and has offices in Toronto, Winnipeg, and San Francisco.