RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit - Toronto

We were proud to attend the RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit which was held in Toronto on October 24- 25, 2018. The theme of this year’s summit was to “look at opportunities for bridging the gap between the latest technological research advancements and real world applications in business and society”.


It was wonderful to attend the second Canadian edition of the RE•WORK Global DL Summit Series. Building on the 2017 Montreal event, attendees from over 20 countries came together to learn from industry experts in speech & pattern recognition, neural networks, image analysis and NLP, and explored how deep learning will impact all industries through interactive workshops, interviews, presentations, networking and more. For a summary of the event, you can access the PDF below.

Our very own COO and Sightline Co-founder, Maithili Mavinkurve was featured as an expert speaker. She joined a Deep Learning panel discussing the Commercialisation of Deep Learning, specifically to answer the question “What is the biggest challenge to capturing ROI with AI?” Her discussion was recorded for a Women in AI podcast (Episode 13) which you access below.


Is Deep Learning just a field of technical research that won’t affect the general public? Absolutely not - we’ve not seen such a powerful and disruptive technology since the inception of the internet itself - deep learning is transforming every industry it touches from finance to healthcare, self driving cars to smart cities. Mai joins us today to discuss the importance of making the application of deep learning accessible and hassle free for businesses. Even when a business understands the importance of AI and the impact it can have in industry, it’s hard to know where to start and how to afford the relevant staff and technologies.

Our goal is to make technology accessible to industry and immediately applicable without the need for data scientists or PhD’s.
— Maithili Mavinkurve, COO / Co-founder Sightline Innovation


RE•WORK is a leading global events company in AI and deep learning.

They create and organise globally renowned summits, workshops and dinners, bringing together the brightest minds in AI from both industry and academia. At each RE•WORK event, they combine the latest technological innovation with real-world applications and practical case studies.