Dr. Mark Alexiuk, CTO of Sightline delivering keynote in Winnipeg

Sightline Innovation is proud to announce that our CTO, Dr. Mark Alexiuk, will be speaking January 29 in Winnipeg, at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Annual General Meeting. He will be delivering the keynote presentation Applied Machine Learning - A Prairie Perspective.

SOURCE: Adobe Stock

SOURCE: Adobe Stock




Artificial intelligence (AI) has matured over many decades.  Early technologies included rule-based systems and perceptrons. Significant effort is currently being invested in reinforcement learning, deep learning and generative adversarial networks. Superhuman mastery has been obtained in selected areas (checkers, chess, Jeopardy, Shogi), practical applications have been deployed to the mass market (machine translation) while artificial general intelligence (AGI) remains elusive. Software scalability, distributed but connected devices, inexpensive storage and computation together amplify into a seemingly imminent and immense power of AI that excites the imagination (universal prosperity and social good!)  while simultaneously engendering fear (loss of control; loss of livelihood through automation!). Tempering these thoughts are observations: AI is yet brittle and can be fooled; technical systems have residual complexity; goal setting has its own challenges; emergence can be observed but not necessarily planned.

This talk explores selected opportunities to apply technology and frankly discusses challenges in data acquisition, annotation, optimization and robustness, for applications in manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is an international organization that promotes the advancement of technology. As a non-profit organization, the IEEE strives to provide continuing education, conferences, and special meetings in the areas of electrical, electronics and computing.