Collision Toronto 2019

This week Sightline was pleased to participate in one of the largest tech conferences to take place in Toronto. Collision. COO Mai Mavinkurve shared about Sightline’s advancements in the Data Trust space and why it’s important for Canadian businesses and Government.


Collisions first event in Canada had more than 29,000 participants join in to share, learn and celebrate advancements in technology and business

The Sightline team took to the floor on Thursday the 23rd to share with visitors how SID (Sightline Innovation Datatrust) is changing how businesses collaborate and operate.

Sightline’s VP of Strategy, Dr. Jo Kennelly lead a roundtable talk on Responsible AI in Financial Services to discuss current and challenges and solutions in the financial sector.

To learn more about Sightline Innovation Data Trust (SID) and distributed AI network solutions. Click the link below.