Data Ownership in a World of Big Data: Part 1/2

The ownership, transfer and profit of data is a global topic of conversation. Sightline Innovation’s Datatrust (SID) is the answer to many issues - for people, business and government.

2018 was a big year for big data. Conversations were had around the world on the benefits, uses and issues that surround data and its ownership. Data provides a window into consumers’ lives and a valuable marketing and oversight tool to people everywhere. Technological innovation has allowed big data to increase our quality of life and tailor experiences to our preferences and habits.


Big data is simply defined as the sheer quantity of information and insights that are pulled from devices that collect it and connect to the internet.

These devices are as simple as the smart assistant in our homes and as complex as the surveillance cameras on our streets. Data is an exponential resource, it's worth and applications for its use increase every day. Data has real, lasting value and can provide an ongoing revenue source for its owners.

Data ownership and its profitability were hotly debated in 2018 and will continue to be in this new year. Intellectual property (IP) and the data that is used to create it can only be commercialized by those who own it. In fact, being the originator of data does not guarantee that you are the owner of that data. This is what makes data ownership, transparency and accountability of critical importance - to all of us - as data owners and as those who seek to generate a profit from big data.


At Sightline, we believe that data should belong to and be governed by those who create it. In establishing the trust in how our data is collected, maintained, shared and used - we place the value of data in the hands of the many instead of the few. Our most personal, private and valuable information is stored as data on smart devices or in clouds. Who accesses this information and what they use it for should be clear to the owner and where applicable, owners should be compensated for its use.

Sightline Innovation’s Datatrust (SID) is the only distributed AI software solution that allows data owners complete data sovereignty. SID is the only secure data-exchange network and smart contract system that puts you in complete control of your data and gives you the means to monetize it. A Datatrust establishes a technology framework that enables the control and sovereignty of data assets between trusted data partners. SID is for any organization or enterprise that would like to share their data without sacrificing their ability to retain data ownership or benefit from related monetary gains.

SID comes to market at the perfect time in big data history. The number and intelligence of devices that collect data are ever-growing, data breaches are frequent and data ownership and privacy concerns are mounting. SID solves many data trust issues.

Data owners retain 100% ownership and control of their data.  

  • SID eliminates the conflict between data privacy and sharing.

  • SID works to create new revenue sources for organizations of all sizes including, businesses and individual data owners.

  • SID doesn’t gather up data in one massive cloud. SID promotes a secure consortium for AI learning and prediction, it creates and uses synthetic data-sets supports cases so data can remain “in place.”

  • SID provides a means of breaking down data silos, all within a set standard of policy guidelines - that you establish.

  • SID provides a trading platform to receive remuneration for your data including block-chain, crypto-currency and more.

Check back for part two on data ownership for government.

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We believe data rights are human rights.