Data Ownership in a World of Big Data: Part 2/2

The ownership, transfer and profit of data is a global topic of conversation. Sightline Innovation’s Datatrust (SID) is the answer to many issues - for people, business and government.

Data ownership, profit and privacy aren’t just issues for big business. These are complex topics that impact each person and government every day. How data is used, transferred and monetized has an effect on us - regardless of whether or not we have taken the time to consider it.

The amount of data that is collected from and about us every day is astronomical. Everything around us collects data on our habits, preferences and characteristics. This data on our buying, working and living habits is increasingly valuable in the hands of those who are prepared to monetize it. Yet, individuals almost never receive payment for their contribution to the masses of data that business turn into revenue.

Source: Adobe Stock

Source: Adobe Stock


In a recent edition of The Economist,, an acclaimed musical entrepreneur, made the comparison between his ability to own and profit from the lyrics and music he writes and his ability to own and be compensated for his personal data. A copyright system exists for music and other intellectual property, however, such a tool is needed for the data age we find ourselves in.

Source: Adobe Stock

Source: Adobe Stock

January 28 was international Data Privacy Day. The day was first established to commemorate the signing of Convention 108 by the Council of Europe in 1981. This convention was the first international treaty that dealt with data protection and privacy. Each year since then, organizations and governments around the world raise awareness and share information on how consumers can protect themselves and their data. Sightline has posted a number of useful resources on Why We Need Data Protection Laws and an Overview of the European Union’s GDPR-Compliant Data Privacy Techniques.

Government has a role to play in protecting consumers’ data and being the gold standard in data transparency and protection. The pace at which technology is evolving and data is created is exponential. Government can be a role model in how it collects and uses data. To this end, Sightline was pleased to be approved as an AI supplier for the Government of Canada. This approval puts us on a short list of other Canadian AI vendors for government contracts. It's one of the ways the Government of Canada is using Canadian technology companies and solutions to address data ownership and privacy issues. Paul Copping, Sightline International Advisor, recently addressed the Parliament of the United Kingdom's All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence where he discussed data governance, collection and use.  

At Sightline, we believe that data should belong to and be governed by those who create it. Sightline Innovation’s Datatrust (SID)  comes to market at the perfect time in big data history. SID is the only distributed AI software solution that allows data owners complete data sovereignty. SID is the only secure data-exchange network and smart contract system that puts you in complete control of your data and gives you the means to monetize it. A Datatrust establishes a technology framework that enables the control and sovereignty of data assets between trusted data partners. SID is for any organization that would like to share their data without sacrificing their ability to retain data ownership or benefit from related monetary gains.

  • SID doesn’t make the governance rules for your data - you do.

Governance rules are determined by the policies you define within your datatrust. Establish access according to your policy needs and change permissions as required including rapid access in emergency situations.

  • SID makes open data stronger.

Open data is strong with data trust technologies, specified roles and responsibilities, and the ability to trade data in and out of the ecosystem.

  • SID works to create new revenue sources for organizations of all sizes including, businesses and individual data owners.

  • SID provides a trading platform to receive remuneration for your data including block-chain, crypto-currency and more.

If you would like more information about SID or any of our AI tools, please contact us at

We believe data rights are human rights.