Leaders of the Canadian Superclusters join Sightline for a workshop on the future of data.

Last week Sightline hosted leaders of the Canadian Superclusters and select individuals for a workshop on data interoperability. The event focused on ways in which data interoperability (to exchange and make use of information) can be implemented to improve productivity and profits while maintaining data privacy.


“We don’t need data sharing, we need data interoperability. Data governance, ethics and accountability are often mentioned in conversations but if we don’t have ownership of data then no one is accountable for it. Ownership is a requirement for accountability and ethics which is why we need data interoperability, not sharing” ~ Wally Trenholm

Wally lead the workshop and introduced the idea of Superclusters combining their efforts on the data interoperability front which would lead to better results for all entities involved.

Dr. Jo Kennelly and Jason White presented to the group and lead work sessions in the afternoon.

This technology will benefit the wider economy which is why it’s so important in the Supercluster discussion. Superclusters aren’t about an investment in a single company. They have to show multipliers, collaboration, economic benefit and IP. ~ Dr. Jo Kennelly

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