Minister Navdeep Bains announces funding for the Manitoba initiative EMILI and UoW

Today at the University of Winnipeg, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Navdeep Bains announced that the Canadian Government has approved funding for the Winnipeg led initiative, EMILI. (Enterprise Machine Intelligence & Learning Initiative) We’d like to congratulate Dr. Jo Kennelly, Executive Director and founder of EMILI in this milestone towards securing Canada’s foothold as an innovation leader.

Source: University of Winnipeg Convocation Hall

Source: University of Winnipeg Convocation Hall


EMILI is a Manitoba-based non-for-profit initiative built to retain Canada's leadership in the most important computer science Canada has ever produced: machine learning and its subfield deep learning.

Sightline leaders, Maithili Mavinkurve and Wally Trenholm worked alongside Dr. Kennelly to develop EMILI. The vision being that EMILI would lead Canada into the digital age, ensuring AI is embedded within the fabric of our regional economies and utilizing the talent and skills present in Canadian Colleges and Universities to make it happen.

The total Government funding for EMILI and UoW will be $4.4 million.

It’s great to see EMILI being supported by our Government and I’m proud to see the vision Dr. Kennelly and I shared come to fruition. It’s just the beginning but the future is bright!
— Maithili Mavinkurve, COO / Co-founder Sightline Innovation

EMILI’s mission is to maintain and advance Manitoba’s/ Canada’s global leadership and competitiveness in enterprise-driven machine learning through:

Training the next generation of highly qualified personnel to drive the development of machine learning supported industries, including identifying opportunities for inclusion of indigenous peoples;

Vertical integration between the education sector, advanced research and the jobs economy;

Commercialization of machine learning products and services for success in the global market; and

Ethical Standards setting and guidelines for Canadian machine learning innovation.



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