Ontario's First-Ever Digital and Data Task Force Announced

Today Minister Lisa Thompson announced Ontario’s first ever Digital and Data Task force. The aim of this strategy is to put people first by helping Ontarians and businesses benefit directly from the data economy, while ensuring their personal privacy is protected.

Minister Lisa Thompson announces Ontario’s new plan at the ROM

Minister Lisa Thompson announces Ontario’s new plan at the ROM


Task Force Members:

The Task Force consists of a diverse and balanced team appointed based on their knowledge, expertise, skills and backgrounds.

The Task force includes a number of influential individuals who are familiar with the ever changing digital landscape and it’s complexities.

Sightline Co-Founder/COO Mai Mavinkurve has been selected to be a part of the Digital Task Force. We’re very proud to be involved in Ontario’s plans to make our province a more digitally responsible and secure place.

The task force is a diverse and balanced team who have each been appointed based on their backgrounds and their expertise. These experts will advise us directly on the creation of the Ontario data strategy, which will promote public trust and confidence, stimulate economic growth and enable better, smarter, and more efficient Government.
— Minister Lisa Thompson