The Government of Canada has announced more than $11 Million for Innovate Cities

This morning Mikele Brack, Executive Director of Innovate Cities enthusiastically welcomed news from FedDev Ontario announcing an investment of up to $11.1 million in Innovate Cities, a not-for- profit organization that brings together a network of Canadian leaders, including Sightline Innovation in the development of innovative technologies.


This investment, in combination with contributions from the private and public sector, establishes the foundation for a $30 million initiative to create safer, more accessible, energy-efficient spaces that benefit all citizens, while delivering economic diversification and job-creation.

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Canadians know there is boundless potential for sustainable development. This morning the Federal Government announced an investment of more than $11 million in Innovate Cities, a Canadian network of innovators who are well placed to lead the future of working communities. We are proud to be part of this initiative and would like to thank the government for this investment that recognizes the future of working cities.

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