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MLaaS v2 Release

Sightline Announces the Launch of its new MLaaS v2 (Machine-learning-as-a-Service) Platform

Sightline Innovation (Sightline) today announced its plans to design an artificial intelligence based software application for analyzing complex diagnostic measurements of biological and chemical agent data acquired using colorimetric sensor arrays. These new functionalities are being well received by customers in the defence, law enforcement, first-responders and other industries such as food and agriculture that are seeking biosecurity, safety and quality assurance tools.

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Biosecurity Threats

Sightline Innovation to Combat Biosecurity Threats with Machine Intelligence

Sightline Innovation (Sightline), a leader in Machine Learning technology, today announced the launch of MLaaS v2 (Machine-Learning-as-a-Service), a transformative AI platform for enterprise systems.

MLaaS v2 is a full stack AI software platform that enables enterprises to embed the power of machine learning within any business or industrial process. Sensors and data sources are easily connected and processed to train targeted machine learning mode\ ls that can optimize different stages of a process.

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Resources that are being supplied through this program are absolutely critical in us transitioning into a full-scale company - Wallace Trenholm

Three businesses in Manitoba received a big boost on Saturday after the Government of Canada handed out a $4.5 million investment.

The companies received the financial support under the Western Innovation Initiative, a program providing $100 million in repayable contributions to small- and medium-sized companies in Western Canada.

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