Enterprise Infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence

Real-Time Distributed AI

Collaborate across teams, companies, and clusters.

Own Your Data

Data sovereignty will define the next years in enterprise and governance. Own your data.

Leverage Your Humans

Your team knows what you need from your data. Empower them to extract insights directly.


There is no major hardware or software platform in use today we do not have experience integrating with.


Build, train, test, and launch AI models using the latest algorithms from the AI research world and running on the most advanced platforms available.


The combination of Python and Java will always provide the best level of support from researchers with the latest algorithms.


AI Integration

AIES/Edge is the integration system to connect AI to IoT, Blockchain, Mobile, and Enterprise Information Systems


AI Prediction

AIES/App is the container for prediction services. It can host AIES prediction modules, and modules built by other researchers.


AI Collaboration

AIES/Domain provides enterprise security and cross-enterprise connectivity.

  • Identity Integration: LDAP, OAuth, SAML
  • Nginx Integration: with available Web Application Firewall
  • Real-time Distributed AI via AIES/Domain Prediction API
  • Data Sovereignty to allow data to remain in place