Solutions For Your AI Professional Service Needs


Sightline was the first Machine-Learning-as-a-Service or "MLaaS" company. (we own the trademark)

We have seen more production and have more experience with the challenges of putting AI in practise in production, mission critical environments than anyone else. We do R&D as well, but if you want to put something into production, we are your team.

In addition to standard AI R&D services, we specialize in cross-enterprise connectivity projects that involve multiple players, such as working with many organizations via government mandates to solve big problems like the Opioid Crisis.


Machine Learning is powered by data, and wrangling data into a pure form that is clean enough to feed into machine learning is a lot of work. Our integrated data science team works directly with our machine learning researchers and our AIES platform to get your big data into AI models. Our data scientists bridge between the defacto-standard Hadoop platform and the world of machine learning.

While many companies and products attempt to bring machine learning to Hadoop, the Python machine learning community will always have better support and better algorithm selection than Hadoop, which is based on the legacy Java language. Our data science team understands this and provides the best combination of big-data and AI.