Fiduciary Control Fabric  

  • Execute a fiduciary control fabric  for data

  • Track and trace raw data and derivative data

  • Monetizing data assets for additional revenue

  • Keep data in place / reduce reliance on foreign and expensive storage providers

  • Interrogate and scrape data for decision making, via cost efficient deployment of AI / computations

  • Fair balance of power between infrastructure provider and data owner

  • Enhance security through distributed data assets

  • Eliminate privacy concerns

  • PIPEDA & GDPR compliance

Seamlessly Build Data Networks to Drive Value

  • Seamlessly access data across “data supply chains” - end to end connectivity  

  • Form high value data partnerships with other companies

  • Know more about your customers, potential customers, changing market conditions

  • Generate new processes and products

  • Generate new forms of revenue

  • Be part of a transparent and fair global data trading platform

Data Threat Countermeasures & Preparedness

  • Know more about your sector than your competitors

  • Know more about your sector than data insights/harvesting companies

  • Counter data monopolies /keep data distributed

  • Ready to respond to suppression of opinions around your product


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