An innovative SaaS platform that unlocks the power of AI

SIMON empowers organizations and enterprises of all sizes and all industries with AI functionality normally reserved for Fortune 500 companies.

SIMON provides AI capabilities through the integration of three distinct components: AI Domain, AI App and AI Edge and is the brother of SID, our distributed AI solution that gives you complete data sovereignty.




AI Domain

Cross-Enterprise Security and Information Sharing

The SIMON component, AI Domain was designed from the ground up to automate data security and give organizations complete control and ownership over their data. AI Domain also offers a means for organizations to own, trade and profit from their data - reducing the need for costly data warehousing and data lakes.


AI App

Core Engine for AI Learning, Prediction and Visualization

The SIMON component, AI App enables AI without expensive consultants or researchers, providing a power web-based user interface to AI for your existing IT staff and systems. AI App is the ‘plumbing’ and network infrastructure to allow Machine-learning engineers to stay focused on data science and machine learning.


AI Edge

Seamless Connectivity to Physical Devices and Data Sets

The SIMON component, AI Edge provides seamless connectivity to your physical devices and their respective data sets for simple and consistent consumption within your AI ecosystem. AI Edge gathers and analyzes data at the ‘edge’ (where data is produced) so there is no need for expensive data warehousing or cloud architecture.





SIMON lets you collaborate across teams, companies and clusters.


Data sovereignty will define the next years in enterprise and governance. Own your data.


Your team knows what you need from your data. Empower them to extract insights directly.


There is no major hardware or software platform in use today we do not have experience integrating with.


Build, train, test, and launch AI models using the latest algorithms from the AI research world and running on the most advanced platforms available.


The combination of Python and Java will always provide the best level of support from researchers with the latest algorithms.



SIMON makes AI accessible and practical so you can solve real world problems quickly and economically.

Simple, repeatable AI workflows, scalable for project users in any industry.

A point-and-click platform for AI that doesn’t require expensive consultants, researchers or PhD’s.

Seamless integration with any company’s operation is possible in as few as four weeks with our efficient three-step process that facilitates the implementation of AI into any enterprise use case.




SIMON AI features

Range of tech levels

Web UI for machine learning and Web UI for AI compute infrastructure.

The ability to connect

SIMON lets you connect to any sensor, enterprise or control system.

Full spectrum AI

SIMON features full spectrum AI with CNNs, Bayes Net, clustering, auto encoders and more.


For data processing, transfer, cleaning, labelling, and quality control.

Integrate any data

SIMON is able to integrate structured or unstructured data sources.

Rapid development

SIMON features rapid UI application development for custom automation and offers flexible deployment models.

Human in the loop

Provides human in the loop capabilities, to do labelling and ground truthing.

Advanced AI

SIMON is the only AI platform with pattern recognition and probabilistic reasoning.


We offer a white label service, customizable for your needs and requirements.



SIMON AI capabilities


Visual Understanding

What am I looking at?

Our platform applies deep learning algorithms to images and video to recognize and identify objects of interest, for applications such as self-driving vehicles, autonomous assembly lines, AI-augmented claims processing and even cancer research.

Is that a cancer cell? That is what a Pathologist does day in and day out, analysis of imagery to interpret the visual context of cells on a slide and classify the image into cancer, or a specific cancer.

Being able to replicate this operation with AI is important enough, but this specific Visual Understanding application can be applied with DNA analysis to produce the next-generation of cancer diagnostics. Take a look at the Graph Learning section to learn more.

Language Understanding

I hear you and understand you.

Language understanding is a module that unifies language translation with neural networks to based on visual features and textual output fostering language translation and sentiment analysis.

Just as language is the foundation to thought, language understanding is the foundation for artificial thought. Interpretation of words by AI allows for language translation, sentiment analysis, and processing the vast data available on the Internet. Language is the most common format of Enterprise data assets, and SIMON’S AI App's Language Understanding module leverages these assets for your business.

Some readers may think "hey this image is a visual classification or visual understanding application", and they would be correct - sort of. Attention OCR unifies language translation with visual classification neural networks. Put in simple terms, Attention OCR (one of the many algorithms available in SIMON) is a translation between visual features and textual output.


Data Fusion

I recognize this and am going to that.

The ability to integrate with any Enterprise information system and any type of sensor data is what differentiates us from every other AI platform on the market.

We have worked with almost every format of data we can think of and fusing these different types together is the key to getting revolutionary value from AI. Data formats include:

  • Block-chain

  • Enterprise Information Systems

  • IoT, IIoT, SCADA

  • 2D imagery

  • 3D imagery from 2D imagery


  • Photonic Scanning

  • Genetics, Epigenetics, Healthcare information

  • and more

As IoT and AI come together, integration between AI systems and IoT is critical. You can't just bolt on AI to an IoT data aggregation engine. This is the specific situation SIMON /Data Fusion was built for.

Graph Learning

What is the cause of this?

Graph learning is a unique system that builds computational graph structures from observation data, allowing inference to deduce correlation and causality of complex situations.

Genetic and Epigenetic inference, causality, and correlation, is perhaps the most important use case for AI in today's world. The high-dimensionality of genetic data requires AI to analyze data at scale. The SIMON /AI App Graph Learning Engine is a unique system that builds computational graph structures from observation data, allowing inference to deduce correlation and causality of complex situations such as:

  • genetics analysis

  • healthcare decision support

  • risk analytics

SIMON /AI Graph Learning is a great integration system to sit above smaller and more focused AI prediction models.




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